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Single This Valentine? Spruce Up Your Online Dating Profile And Set A Romantic Date!

So, the month of LOVE has arrived. But, are you still single?

And, looking for a Valentine?

If yes, then it is a great time to hop on a dating app and find a date for you.

And, with Valentine’s Day coming, it is also the time to revamp and totally rethink your online dating strategy.

So, here are few tips to spruce up your dating profile to a nail a date for Valentine’s Day.

#1 Make Your Profile Picture Stand Out

First impression matters! In fact, it’s everything.

And, showing off your eyes, smile and whole face (yes, without those animal filters) will help you make an enduring first impression.

Your profile picture should be clear, vibrant and should dictate your personality.

Also, you want your date to recognize you instantly. So, always make sure that your profile picture is recent.

Change your profile photos more often and see which photo gets you the most swipes.

#2 Add More Than One Photo

If you like someone’s profile, you would want to know more about that person before swiping right. People hope that your next photo will reveal more about your personality.

So, show off as much of you as you can. Make sure to include more than one photo from the activities you enjoy or your hobbies.

Include selfies and full photos of you as it will give the other person a good idea of your personality and what you love to do.

#3 Do Not Use Group Photos

Yes, group photos can be fun but using too many of them can affect your profile.

Nobody cares about your friend circle. You are one who’s match-matching, so there should be only in the profile. Switching back and forth between the photos can leave anyone feeling frustrated.

Also, what if someone doesn’t find you as the most attractive one in the group photo? So, think ahead and make sure you post your solos poses.

#4 Add Just Enough about You

Your bio should be the epitome of your personality. And, no one wants to read your life story.

So, make sure you just add enough about yourself that interests the other person. Show something about yourself, or if you have a great sense of humor, it could be a great start. Be pithy and witty!

Let them be curious and inquire more about you.

#5 Ask Your BFF to Proof Read the Profile

Your BFF can never go wrong with your profile. They’ll tell you what you might have missed in your profile. You can even ask your friends which pictures you look your best in.

Also, bad grammar and spelling is a big turn-off. So, they’ll make sure everything is perfect.

Bonus Tip: Just Be Yourself

Yes, you want to present the best version of yourself but don’t lie. Whether you’re on the dating app for fun or you’re looking for something more real, you probably want someone that’ll love the real you. Right?

So, be honest and just be you.

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